An Odd Tuesday Is Born

Welcome to the show! Harry Brelsford

On our first-ever episode, we welcome SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Cloud Nine’s Lars Andersson.

Harry gives an outline of what SMB Nation has in store for 2014. He discusses their Emerging Technology Tour, which Karl is a part of, and updates listeners on their Peer groups with Josh Peterson.

Harry also discusses SMB Nation’s Co-Op, which is focusing quite a bit of energy on matching SMB Community members with customers who need help ahead of the end of XP support in April.

Lars Andersson shares how instrumental SMB Nation has been for his business. He notes his initial involvement with them where he had attended a conference SMB Nation held that included a mobile test environment where they were administering the Small Business Specialists Exam.

Lars AnderssonKarl also shares some updates on the many live presentations he will be giving around the country this year – with a handy site
set up for those who want all the details here: whereintheworldiskarl.com.






 Click to listen here: Odd Tuesdays Jan 21, 2014

Odd Tuesdays

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