Patching the Human & The SMBKitchen Project



In this episode Karl talks to Phil Elder and Susan Bradley from the SMBKitchen Project.

Both Phil and Susan have some key specialties in the world of tech management and share upcoming projects they are involved with. They also offer the chance for a lucky listener to win a year-long membership to the SMBKitchen ASP Project, a managed services educational project we have been highlighting on our show in recent weeks.



Resident Oddballs
co-host Amy Babinchak joins the program again.

Amy is also involved in the SMBKitchen project, although today she joins the show to share insight into when to hire and how to train administrative and tech staff for your managed services business.


Click below to listen to the show – lots of Tech News, tech event highlights, and a forecast on the rest of the year ahead for Karl Palachuk, which includes information on Karl’s recently announced Roadshow Down Under tour.


Click below to hear July 1st’s show:

Odd Tuesdays


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