The Dream IT Initiative

Michelle Ragusa

In today’s episode we welcome Cisco’s Michelle Ragusa-McBain who talks to Karl about her role as Vice Chair of CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT Group (AWIT).

Michelle says there are two key support resources available as a part of the AWIT program, the Dream IT and The Career Resource Center. She explains that the Dream IT resource gives supporting members of the public ready-made presentation materials to enable them to easily communicate with girls and women in their communities to encourage them to consider careers in technology, while the latter offers a number of online resources.


Bob Nitrio


Also in this episode, Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio talks about his experience with installing and using Sonos, a HiFi wireless speaker and audio system, both at home and in the workplace.



Project Management


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Upcoming tech events and our regular tech news segment also features in today’s episode.


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