Brain Bites

Chip Reaves

In today’s episode, Karl is joined by Chip Reaves, from Bigger Brains MSP.

Chip joined Karl and the Small Biz Thoughts crew in 2013 in our annual SMB Online conference in which he spoke about how an MSP can train or educate their clients in such a way that will help lead to future sales. We had a lot of positive feedback on that presentation.

Chip is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding and awareness for a series of courses Bigger Brains is currently developing. The Brain Bites mini-courses are basic productivity courses MSPs can resell to their clients that cover productivity skills in Time Management, Organizing Files, and Managing Email.

Chip explains that the intention is to use crowdfunding monies raised to purchase additional equipment and hire illustrators and graphic artists to complete and enhance the courses. Chip also shares some of the ins and outs he has discovered in trying to work with the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com.


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One of resident Oddballs, Rayanne Buchianico, also joins the program in our Oddballs segment to share sales tax tips for MSPs.







We also cover the latest in upcoming Tech events and Tech News!

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Lead with Training, Follow With Managed Services

Bigger Brains
Karl talks to Chip Reaves, from Bigger-Brains, about their Bigger MSP Program.

Chip says the program is a high quality video series featuring online training for business professionals covering Windows 8, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Gmail, sales & marketing, and more. The training series has several key elements.

1) The training is compelling – Chip says the videos were filmed with multiple cameras in studio with a focus on engagement. He says any clients that have compared the Bigger-Brains training next to comparable online training programs have found the difference to be night and day. Often online training is quite boring with a simple voiceover and screen shots. He claims their training is a cut above the rest.

2) The training is convenient for the end user –  The videos are structured so you can do the 10-minute training sessions on basically any device that can access the internet.

3) The training was built with resellers in mind – Chip says the program is IT Channel focused and adds to the offerings MSPs have overall for their clients. It is noted that MSPs could put together creative bundles/packages featuring the online training and managed service plans.

There is some mention that MSPs often neglect to consider the budgets SMBs designate annually for training, which goes beyond the IT budgets MSPs normally target. In fact, it is noted that this can be a good angle in targeting more business, with MSPs first earning new clients based on business professional training offerings and then moving into a managed services soft sell. Karl mentions that another angle to consider is that as the economy begins to recover, there are untapped government grants that pay for people to get training. MSPs could educate themselves about such grants and include that in pitches to potential clients.

Chip encourages anyone considering their training to check out their website at http://biggermsp.com. He also notes the further training Bigger-Brains is currently developing, to include a HIPAA training they hope to have up and running by the end of March 2014.

Bob Nitrio, Computer WallahAlso featured in this Odd Tuesdays episode is our returning Oddball Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio discussing Software Defined Networks (SDN).




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Bigger Brains & Oddballs

Bigger Brains








Join us March 18th when Chip Reaves from Bigger-Brains talks to Karl about the Bigger MSP Program.

Bigger-Brains has put together a series of studio-quality, unique training programs. The courses are highly interactive – a cut about the typical “screenshot and lecture” training videos.

Bigger-Brains allows MSPs access to selling these trainings as part of their Managed Services packages. Videos cover training in MS Office, QuickBooks, Sales, Marketing, and more.

The episode will feature as well our Tech News & Oddballs segment – More tech & MSP highlights to keep you going!

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