The Office 365 Gold Rush Is On – and so is the SMB Nation Fall Conference

Harry Brelsford


Karl welcomes back SMB Nation‘s Harry Brelsford, whom helped us launch our very first episode of Odd Tuesdays 16 episodes ago in January!

Karl and Harry discuss the flurry of activity that has been going on over the last year with Windows XP and Server 03 migrations. Harry mentions his recent blog post about the Office 365 phenomenon, with Microsoft reporting incredible sales records.

Harry also mentions SMB Nation’s support of Microsoft Community Connections, educational events that are being used to help connect local business organizations with Microsoft Partners.

The pair also discuss the SMB Nation Fall Conference on in Redmond, WA later this month (September 26th-28th). Karl will be joining the conference as a speaker and will be holding his 10th SMB Preday Show September 25th!

Amy Babinchak

Resident Oddball Amy Babinchak also joins the show to talk about Microsoft’s Multipoint. She explains that some MPSs may not even be aware of the offering as it is marketed to the educational sector, however it has been accessible to others for several years. Amy talks about how to set it up and under what circumstances you would select MultiPoint over regular terminal server.


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An Odd Tuesday Is Born

Welcome to the show! Harry Brelsford

On our first-ever episode, we welcome SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Cloud Nine’s Lars Andersson.

Harry gives an outline of what SMB Nation has in store for 2014. He discusses their Emerging Technology Tour, which Karl is a part of, and updates listeners on their Peer groups with Josh Peterson.

Harry also discusses SMB Nation’s Co-Op, which is focusing quite a bit of energy on matching SMB Community members with customers who need help ahead of the end of XP support in April.

Lars Andersson shares how instrumental SMB Nation has been for his business. He notes his initial involvement with them where he had attended a conference SMB Nation held that included a mobile test environment where they were administering the Small Business Specialists Exam.

Lars AnderssonKarl also shares some updates on the many live presentations he will be giving around the country this year – with a handy site
set up for those who want all the details here: whereintheworldiskarl.com.






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Odd Tuesdays


Odd Tuesdays Launches in 2014

Join I.T. Author Karl Palachuk as he delves into what’s new in tech management & guides listeners on the best options for running their I.T. business. Podcast airs odd week Tuesdays and features a variety of Vendor & MSP consultant interviews and advice segments.

Karl’s first guests will include SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Sam Saab, Founder of Results Software.

Podcast Producer Monica Caraway will also introduce in the new year our Oddballs segments with regular contributors “Computer Wallah” Bob Nitrio, Harbor Computer Services President Amy Babinchak, and ABC Solutions Owner Rayanne Buchianico covering various aspects of running an MSP business.