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Karl speaks with David Sims, an MSP based in Charlotte, NC who runs the HIPAA for MSPs website. David Sims

David says the website was borne out of his own experience and frustration with trying to educate himself and maintain HIPAA compliance. He also explains how the website has evolved into a terrific general resource for IT professionals.

David also talks about the advantages of running a private group on LinkedIn. He says his group is a space connecting professional members in a Mastermind type setting, with current real business problems being hashed out and advice being given, to including advice from his HIPAA for MSPs team.


Bob NitrioComputer Wallah Bob Nitrio also joins the show in our Oddballs segment.

Bob talks about business continuity and disaster recovery. He offers advice on handling recovery from such malware as CryptoWall and CryptoLocker and gives feedback on the SmartShield utility program and on Easy Recover Essentials from NeoSmart.


Today’s episode also includes information on upcoming Tech events happening around the country and our Tech news segment as provided by Neowin.net.

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ChannelEyes & MSP Financial Processes

Jay McBainKarl speaks with Jay McBain, Chief Marketing Officer with ChannelEyes. ChannelEyes offers a mobile app platform for connecting Vendors and their partners.

Jay says their main goal right now is to make the best use out of their mobile platform. He says the platform facilitates communication with real-time feedback, enables the right tools, and motivates channel partners. He notes that HP, Cisco, Verizon, and other large international channel organizations use ChannelEyes.

Rayanne Buchianico


Rayanne Buchianico also joins the show in our Oddballs segment. Rayanne talks about the course she teaches over at Great Little Seminar – the Financial Processes That Make All the Difference course. The course is geared for MSPs and covers such topics as: separation of accounting and financial duties, entities and tax considerations, cash flow forecasting, and more over a five-week online teaching structure. Rayanne first taught this course in 2014 and is due to again teach the course in June.


In today’s episode you will also hear about the new Great Little Seminar 2015 course lineups & where MSPs can find terrific business freebies!


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Be sure to join us in on our next episode Jan 6th where Karl will speak with David Sims who runs the website HIPAAForMSPs.com. David will talk about the wealth of research and resources he has been building on to help MSPs interested in taping into the healthcare niche.


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HIPAA and HaaS

April Sage, Online TechApril Sage, from Online Tech, joins us to discuss HIPAA compliance – a topic our Odd Tuesdays audience has been asking more and more about (Follow Karl’s HIPAA Pinterest Board).

April encourages MSPs to embrace the notion of HIPAA compliance because trying to work against or get around the regulations can cause a lot of headaches. She says it is a good idea to become familiar with the Business Associates Agreement – a contract that outlines the accountabilities in the chain of trust and what the flow of responsibilities are. She notes that the Department of Human Services has a good example of what that agreement should look like (See link here).

Rayanne Buchianico joins us in her debut Oddballs segment. She discusses how to record Hardware as a Service (HaaS) in QuickBooks. She outlines four key points:

1) What to record right after you buy the equipment

2) How to set up the rental income accounts

3) How to track associated costs

4)  How to retire the item at the end of the lease term

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Fear Not HIPAA

April Sage, Online TechApril Sage, from Online Tech, joins us on our March 4th episode. Online Tech is a company that provides a range of solutions with the focus on handling security and compliance safeguards that are required for sensitive data.

April will be giving advice on HIPAA compliance, something her company closely works with MSPs on understanding and avoiding governmental compliance repercussions.

Rayanne Buchianico

We will also be joined by Rayanne Buchianico in her debut Oddballs segment. Rayanne is the owner of ABC Solutions based in Florida. 

She provides complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT professionals in the US, particularly to those using Autotask and looking to integrate their accounting systems.