MSP Non-Profit Clients Access Amazing Tech Resources via TechSoup

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Karl welcomes to the show Dan Webb, Vice President of Technical Solutions and Services at TechSoup Global. Dan talks about the wealth of technology resources MSPs can help their non-profit clients access through TechSoup.

Dan explains that TechSoup aggregates vendor donations and donation programs so that not-for-profits can readily access the resources. He says they have 650,000 NGOs all over the globe in their system. He says last year they helped deliver $900 million fair market value in tech support, software, hardware, and service donations to those NGOs.

Dan mentions that they administer many large tech company philanthropic programs, such as the Microsoft Donation Program. He says they have resources from Skype credits, Intuit programs for PC and Mac, multiple language options, and more. He notes that Dell, HP, Lenova, and Apple are a part of their Refurbished Computer Initiative.

Tech SoupDan also walks MSPs through the first steps they need to take to get their non-profit clients connected with TechSoup resources. He notes that fulfillment can often be digital and immediate for organizations that register and qualify.

Karl is also joined by MSP Mark Moreno, Owner of C&M Support Services & Consulting. Mark has been servicing non-profit and church organization clients for many years and has extensive experience in working with TechSoup.

Mark MorenoMark says they have been able to access amazing resources for clients, to include exchange servers in the low hundreds, Office suites in the $10-12 range, and licenses for servers at ridiculously low prices.

Mark also offers advice to MSPs looking to service non-profits. He encourages MSPs to take time to learn and understand the particular non-profit space you wish to approach, whether it be servicing churches, schools, or something else.




Manuel PalachukManual Palachuk also joins the show in our Oddballs
segment to talk about building a repair & restoration catalog for your IT service delivery business.





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Boom!! Sky-High MSP Resources!


Today, Karl talks to Jessica Davis, the Executive Editor at MSPmentor.net. Jessica says MSPmentor has a mission to be the news and information site for managed service providers. She says their site also operates as a connection/peer group site.

Jessica goes on to talk about some of MSPmentor’s annual research projects and resource lists. She says the MSPmentor 501 List is their biggest research project of the year, in which they rank MSPs from global entries. She notes that there are many factors taken into account in the ranking, however one of the top criteria is based on how well the MSP does with recurring revenue.

Jessica also talks about their MSPmentor 250 List, of which Karl was named in the recently announced 2014 list. She describes the criteria for that list, which is primarily about naming mentors in the industry. She says this list is particularly good for new MSPs and those MSPs seeking to take their business to the next level.

Jessica mentions MSPmentor’s sister websites, such as Talkin’Cloud®, run by CJ Arlotta, and The VARGuy.com, run by Charlene O’Hanlon. She says they are all a part of the Penton Technology Group, which recently announced the acquisition of another group of websites that includes Data Center Knowledge.

Jessica concludes discussion talking about MSPmentor’s recent launch of the IdeaXchange, which she says most admirably gives voice to an “I live this everyday” MSP perspective.

Amy Babinchak

Amy Babinchak also joins the show today in our Oddballs segment. Amy shares some tips on how to analyze what your personality brings to your MSP business.


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The Office 365 Gold Rush Is On – and so is the SMB Nation Fall Conference

Harry Brelsford


Karl welcomes back SMB Nation‘s Harry Brelsford, whom helped us launch our very first episode of Odd Tuesdays 16 episodes ago in January!

Karl and Harry discuss the flurry of activity that has been going on over the last year with Windows XP and Server 03 migrations. Harry mentions his recent blog post about the Office 365 phenomenon, with Microsoft reporting incredible sales records.

Harry also mentions SMB Nation’s support of Microsoft Community Connections, educational events that are being used to help connect local business organizations with Microsoft Partners.

The pair also discuss the SMB Nation Fall Conference on in Redmond, WA later this month (September 26th-28th). Karl will be joining the conference as a speaker and will be holding his 10th SMB Preday Show September 25th!

Amy Babinchak

Resident Oddball Amy Babinchak also joins the show to talk about Microsoft’s Multipoint. She explains that some MPSs may not even be aware of the offering as it is marketed to the educational sector, however it has been accessible to others for several years. Amy talks about how to set it up and under what circumstances you would select MultiPoint over regular terminal server.


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