Tips for Serving the New Generation of SMB Owners

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ToDavid Maffeiday Dave Maffei from Carbonite joins the show to talk about his recent guest column in ChannelPro magazine entitled Three Tips for Serving the New Generation of SMB Owners. Dave outlines the sorts of disconnect that can occur between millennials and baby boomers and offers ways for managed service providers to address them.

Dave also talks about Carbonite’s partner program. He says there are “no handcuffs on the reseller with Carbonite”. He says there are a number of options in how the relationship between Carbonite, the reseller, and the end-user can be. Dave encourages MSPs to check out their partner website.

We conclude the production of our Odd Tuesdays Podcast in this episode. Our host, Karl Palachuk will be focusing on the SMB Community Podcast show moving forward.

SMB Community PodcastThe SMB Community Podcast has been running since 2012 and features vendor and VARs/MSPs interviews. In fact, listeners and vendors alike are encouraged to nominate for an interview with the show. You can check out details on how to nominate here.

SMB Community Podcast listeners can subscribe to the SMB Community Podcast RSS feed or listen to the show on iTunes.



Monica Caraway Thank you to all of our loyal Odd Tuesdays listeners! It was a great pleasure to produce the show and engage with the MSP community. A special thanks to our Oddballs contributors as well! It was a wonderful experience working with you 🙂 – Monica Caraway, Producer/Co-Host, Odd Tuesdays


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Still Odd

First of all…WOOT!

We made it a full year in production!!

Odd Tuesdays


Our debut was last year, Jan 21 2014, where we welcomed SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Cloud Nine’s Lars Anderson.

We have since added our Oddballs segment with the amazing resident Oddballs Rayanne Buchianico, Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio, Amy Babinchak, and Manuel Palachuk. We have also syndicated the show to iTunes!

And we look forward to a great year for Odd Tuesdays ahead!

Thanks to everyone who has been following the show, telling others about the show, liking us on Facebook, giving us terrific show ideas, and a special thanks to Eric Black from Fiverr who has been responsible for much of the artwork on our blog!

Karl and I thank you very much!! 🙂     …and now, on to more Podcasts!

Robert CraneIn today’s episode, Robert Crane, from CIAOPS, talks about the “green fields” opportunity that exists with SharePoint. Robert has written a number of books on SharePoint and says MSPs who choose to be a reseller of SharePoint become a specialist in a broadening technology landscape.

Robert explains that being a reseller allows MSPs to offer clients better compliance and control options, improved dynamic search capabilities, as well as a host of other progressive options.

Manuel Palachuk also joins today’s program in our Oddballs segment. Manuel shares some terrific how-to’s on documenting your processes.

Manuel Palachuk







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The Office 365 Gold Rush Is On – and so is the SMB Nation Fall Conference

Harry Brelsford


Karl welcomes back SMB Nation‘s Harry Brelsford, whom helped us launch our very first episode of Odd Tuesdays 16 episodes ago in January!

Karl and Harry discuss the flurry of activity that has been going on over the last year with Windows XP and Server 03 migrations. Harry mentions his recent blog post about the Office 365 phenomenon, with Microsoft reporting incredible sales records.

Harry also mentions SMB Nation’s support of Microsoft Community Connections, educational events that are being used to help connect local business organizations with Microsoft Partners.

The pair also discuss the SMB Nation Fall Conference on in Redmond, WA later this month (September 26th-28th). Karl will be joining the conference as a speaker and will be holding his 10th SMB Preday Show September 25th!

Amy Babinchak

Resident Oddball Amy Babinchak also joins the show to talk about Microsoft’s Multipoint. She explains that some MPSs may not even be aware of the offering as it is marketed to the educational sector, however it has been accessible to others for several years. Amy talks about how to set it up and under what circumstances you would select MultiPoint over regular terminal server.


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Automated Prospecting & Sales Tools for Your MSP Business

Gil Cargill

In today’s Odd Tuesdays episode, we are joined by Gil Cargill from the Cargill Consulting Group.

Gil has spent the past 39 years as a sales consultant following an incredibly successful sales career at IBM. He focuses on developing the sales process and implementing sales tracking systems for MSPs. Gil is also a feature speaker in Karl’s upcoming annual online conference, the Systematic Success 2014 conference being held June 24th-26th, where he will address in detail how to Maximize Your Sales with an Awesome Sales Process.

Today, Gil discusses tips on automated prospecting tools and how managed service professionals and VARs can make the best use of a sales person in their business.

Bob Nitrio, Computer Wallah


We are also joined by Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio in our Oddballs segment. Bob shares his experiences with researching & implementing a “paperless office” for his clients.


Today’s episode also features a special Odd Tuesdays’ discount code for The Ultimate 2014 Conference Bundle – the best offering in documentation resources that combines tickets to this year’s annual Online Conference!

Ultimate 2014 Conference Bundle


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Molding Your First Employee & Keeping Techs Motivated

Josh PetersonJosh Peterson, Co-founder of Bering McKinley and a keynote at this year’s annual SMB Online Conference, joins Karl to discuss tech hiring tips. Josh advises MSP business owners to learn how to “right size” your personnel – a concept involving not targeting MCSCs or the top-level techs for your business, but rather aiming for entry-level techs that you craft into great engineers.

Josh says that even with your first hire, it is better to have an entry-level guy who shadows you and learns your good habits in order to mold a great employee. He says this will save you a great deal of money on high priced engineers and also avoids the situation where you hire a high-priced, experienced tech that may have bad habits and not be as open to learning your processes. Josh also talks about the importance of having a 90-day training plan and a strong career path emphasis for your entry level techs. He notes that the 90-day plan is so crucial in fact, that it is better to wait and hire that new tech, despite how busy workflow may be, until you have such a training plan ready.

Josh concludes his interview with Karl by extending a special offer for Odd Tuesdays listeners.

amy_reg_picAmy Babinchack, owner of Harbor Computer Services, returns in our Oddballs segment. She made her Oddballs debut in our Feb 4th episode where she highlighted banking fraud issues and how MSPs can put their clients into a position that limits their clients’ liability. Today Amy talks about how to create job satisfaction with your techs in some creative & non-traditional ways. Amy says her practices help keep her techs fresh and creative, while maintaining efficiency and revenue.


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Odd Tuesdays Launches in 2014

Join I.T. Author Karl Palachuk as he delves into what’s new in tech management & guides listeners on the best options for running their I.T. business. Podcast airs odd week Tuesdays and features a variety of Vendor & MSP consultant interviews and advice segments.

Karl’s first guests will include SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Sam Saab, Founder of Results Software.

Podcast Producer Monica Caraway will also introduce in the new year our Oddballs segments with regular contributors “Computer Wallah” Bob Nitrio, Harbor Computer Services President Amy Babinchak, and ABC Solutions Owner Rayanne Buchianico covering various aspects of running an MSP business.