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Rayanne BuchianicoRayanne Buchianico is the owner of ABC Solutions, a consulting firm in Clearwater, Florida providing complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT ProfessioRayanne Buchianiconals in the United States, particularly to those using Autotask and looking to integrate with their accounting systems.
Rayanne was named to the SMB150 list by SMB Nation and SMBTN for the past three years and honored with the 2012 Jim Locke Memorial Community Award. She holds a degree in Accounting and is qualified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

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Bob Nitrio
Bob Nitrio got his start with computers in the early 1980s because he recognized the potential for using technology as a way to provide business solutions.  Ten years later he closed his construction company to create Ranvest Associates, a business consulting firm that helps small business clients improve their operations through the strategic application of technology solutions.

Bob NitrioOne of his clients nicknamed him The Computer Wallah – one who knows computers – because whenever she needed something, he always had a ready answer and a solution that met her needs.  We all need solutions so check out things that you might be able to add to your stack of stuff.

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Amy Babinchak

Amy Babinchak is a Small Business MVP and Owner of Harbor Computer Services and Third Tier. Amy has been an ISA, EBS and SBS MVP and yet still contends that it’s not her fault that the products were cancelled. She opened Harbor Computer Services as a firm specializing in small business technical support services in 2000 and Third Tier to assist other IT firms with technical challenges in 2008. She started into small business IT after realizing that they were not being taken seriously by most IT professionals. Amy has always enjoyed the business side of IT as much as the technical.

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Manuel PalachukManuel Palachuk has over 25 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer
and electronics industries. He is an expert of process, systems, and their efficiency who is driven
toward continuous improvement in all aspects of business.
Manuel Palachuk
Manuel is the co-author of the Network Migration Workbook, an expansive 535 page  document covering the complete processes and checklists required to migrate your network with zero downtime.

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