Molding Your First Employee & Keeping Techs Motivated

Josh PetersonJosh Peterson, Co-founder of Bering McKinley and a keynote at this year’s annual SMB Online Conference, joins Karl to discuss tech hiring tips. Josh advises MSP business owners to learn how to “right size” your personnel – a concept involving not targeting MCSCs or the top-level techs for your business, but rather aiming for entry-level techs that you craft into great engineers.

Josh says that even with your first hire, it is better to have an entry-level guy who shadows you and learns your good habits in order to mold a great employee. He says this will save you a great deal of money on high priced engineers and also avoids the situation where you hire a high-priced, experienced tech that may have bad habits and not be as open to learning your processes. Josh also talks about the importance of having a 90-day training plan and a strong career path emphasis for your entry level techs. He notes that the 90-day plan is so crucial in fact, that it is better to wait and hire that new tech, despite how busy workflow may be, until you have such a training plan ready.

Josh concludes his interview with Karl by extending a special offer for Odd Tuesdays listeners.

amy_reg_picAmy Babinchack, owner of Harbor Computer Services, returns in our Oddballs segment. She made her Oddballs debut in our Feb 4th episode where she highlighted banking fraud issues and how MSPs can put their clients into a position that limits their clients’ liability. Today Amy talks about how to create job satisfaction with your techs in some creative & non-traditional ways. Amy says her practices help keep her techs fresh and creative, while maintaining efficiency and revenue.


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