Jeff Ponts Highlights Datatel’s Integration Options

Datatel SolutionsIn today’s episode, Karl talks to Jeff Ponts, Co-Founder and COO of Datatel Solutions. Jeff wears several other hats as well, to include President of the Technology Channel Association (TCA) and Co-Chair to CompTIA’s Telecom Advisory Council.

Jeff talks about the big difference between software integration vs. systems integration. He highlights the numerous integration options that are available through Datatel and explains how the company has a strong mindset of supporting partners, not competing with them.

Jeff encourages listeners to reach out to him at Datatel’s website or via email.  

GFI MaxThis episiode also features a conversation Karl had at the recent Orlando GFI MAX Conference with GFI’s Caroline McClelland.

Caroline talks about the recent and upcoming GFI Max Conferences. She also notes that GFI has had some major company changes with some rebranding seeing the introduction of their LogicNow division and MAXfocus products.

For those wanting further detail on the changes, Karl wrote a blog article about the October 1 roll out that can be viewed here.

Bob Nitrio

In our Oddballs segment, Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio joins us once again to discuss how mobility is shaping and changing the way MSPs and their clients are doing business. He also offers ideas on how MSPs can participate in the mobile App business.


As always, we cover the latest in upcoming Tech events and Tech News in our episode!

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