Strip Away The BS! What You Need To Score Big With Your Marketing

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Today Karl talks to Ulistic’s Stuart Crawford who gives a run down on the types of public relations they do for their managed service provider clients. Ulistic is a full-service marketing agency for MSPs that includes services that cover outsourced web-marketing, business websites, social media, email blasting, case study writing, Google AdWords, and more!


Dave Seibert

Dave Seibert, from IT Innovators, talks about the various IT conferences he is involved with currently, to include the SMB TechFest quarterly conference and the SMB Online Conference.


Rayanne BuchianicoRayanne Buchianico also joins us in our Oddballs segment and gives a QuickBooks tip on how to handle bounced checks.





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* SMB Online Conference 2015
June 23 – 25
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*ASCII Success Summit Tours
June 24 – 25
New York / New Jersey
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* Windows 10 Behind the Curtain Event
June 23rd
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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* Windows 10 Behind the Curtain Event
June 25th
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* Webinar – Globalization of SMB – Featuring TechSoup’s Chris Worman
June 30th – 10:00AM Pacific
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Business Solutions for MSPs

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Bernadette Wilson_OT_5Bernadette Wilson, Associate Editor of Business Solutions Magazine, joins the show today to talk about the resources and articles the magazine provides for IT channel company executives, VARs, integrators, and MSPs.

Bernadette also highlights some current article features and updates listeners on their current Channel Transitions conference tour (Odd Tuesdays listeners are given a special code in the interview to access a free pass to one of the conferences.).

Rayanne Buchianico


Resident Oddball Rayanne Buchianico also joins the show in our Oddballs segment. Rayanne runs through tips on how to make use of downloading bank transactions via QuickBooks.


The episode also includes the latest in Tech News and upcoming tech events!


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* ASCII Success Summit Tours
May 27 – 28
Chicago, IL
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* WITI Summit (Women In Technology)
May 31 – June 2
San Jose, CA
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* LabTech Automation Nation
June 1 – 3
Orlando, FL
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* Webinar – Globalization of SMB Series
May 26th – 10:00 AM Pacific
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* Great Little Seminar Online Courses 
June 2 – June 30
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Financial Processes that Make All the Difference
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SaaSMAX’s Reseller-Friendly Apps

SaaSMAXListen to today’s episode HERE.

Today we are joined by SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz and VP Partner Clinton Gatewood to discuss the marketplace they have available of reseller-friendly SaaS applications.

During the discussion it is revealed that SMBs have on average 8-9 SaaS applications, particularly managing marketing and sales business activities. Clinton notes that following their SaaSMAX blog, WiseSaaS, is a good way to learn of new and upcoming applications.

Sales Coach Gil Cargill joins the show as well to give a teaser on his upcoming presentation in the June MSP Online Conference.

Rayanne BuchianicoRayanne Buchianico also joins us today in our Oddballs segment. Rayanne shares tips on keeping things simple with your business accounting.


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* Robin Robins Boot Camp
Apr 22 – 25
Nashville, TN
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* SMBTech Fest
Apr 23 – 24
Anaheim, CA
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* ChannelNext East
April 27 – 28
Quebec, Canada
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* Great Little Seminar Online Courses
Apr 28 – May 26
Online Class – Managing Your Service Board – Setup, Core SOPs, and Daily Procedures
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* ASCII Texas
April 29-30
Austin, TX
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* Globalization of SMB Webinar Series
April 28, 10AM Pacific: With Special Guest Richard Tubb!
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Still Odd

First of all…WOOT!

We made it a full year in production!!

Odd Tuesdays


Our debut was last year, Jan 21 2014, where we welcomed SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Cloud Nine’s Lars Anderson.

We have since added our Oddballs segment with the amazing resident Oddballs Rayanne Buchianico, Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio, Amy Babinchak, and Manuel Palachuk. We have also syndicated the show to iTunes!

And we look forward to a great year for Odd Tuesdays ahead!

Thanks to everyone who has been following the show, telling others about the show, liking us on Facebook, giving us terrific show ideas, and a special thanks to Eric Black from Fiverr who has been responsible for much of the artwork on our blog!

Karl and I thank you very much!! 🙂     …and now, on to more Podcasts!

Robert CraneIn today’s episode, Robert Crane, from CIAOPS, talks about the “green fields” opportunity that exists with SharePoint. Robert has written a number of books on SharePoint and says MSPs who choose to be a reseller of SharePoint become a specialist in a broadening technology landscape.

Robert explains that being a reseller allows MSPs to offer clients better compliance and control options, improved dynamic search capabilities, as well as a host of other progressive options.

Manuel Palachuk also joins today’s program in our Oddballs segment. Manuel shares some terrific how-to’s on documenting your processes.

Manuel Palachuk







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Odd Tuesdays


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Great Little Seminar


ChannelEyes & MSP Financial Processes

Jay McBainKarl speaks with Jay McBain, Chief Marketing Officer with ChannelEyes. ChannelEyes offers a mobile app platform for connecting Vendors and their partners.

Jay says their main goal right now is to make the best use out of their mobile platform. He says the platform facilitates communication with real-time feedback, enables the right tools, and motivates channel partners. He notes that HP, Cisco, Verizon, and other large international channel organizations use ChannelEyes.

Rayanne Buchianico


Rayanne Buchianico also joins the show in our Oddballs segment. Rayanne talks about the course she teaches over at Great Little Seminar – the Financial Processes That Make All the Difference course. The course is geared for MSPs and covers such topics as: separation of accounting and financial duties, entities and tax considerations, cash flow forecasting, and more over a five-week online teaching structure. Rayanne first taught this course in 2014 and is due to again teach the course in June.


In today’s episode you will also hear about the new Great Little Seminar 2015 course lineups & where MSPs can find terrific business freebies!


Odd Tuesdays


Be sure to join us in on our next episode Jan 6th where Karl will speak with David Sims who runs the website HIPAAForMSPs.com. David will talk about the wealth of research and resources he has been building on to help MSPs interested in taping into the healthcare niche.



Brain Bites

Chip Reaves

In today’s episode, Karl is joined by Chip Reaves, from Bigger Brains MSP.

Chip joined Karl and the Small Biz Thoughts crew in 2013 in our annual SMB Online conference in which he spoke about how an MSP can train or educate their clients in such a way that will help lead to future sales. We had a lot of positive feedback on that presentation.

Chip is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding and awareness for a series of courses Bigger Brains is currently developing. The Brain Bites mini-courses are basic productivity courses MSPs can resell to their clients that cover productivity skills in Time Management, Organizing Files, and Managing Email.

Chip explains that the intention is to use crowdfunding monies raised to purchase additional equipment and hire illustrators and graphic artists to complete and enhance the courses. Chip also shares some of the ins and outs he has discovered in trying to work with the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com.


Rayanne Buchianico



One of resident Oddballs, Rayanne Buchianico, also joins the program in our Oddballs segment to share sales tax tips for MSPs.







We also cover the latest in upcoming Tech events and Tech News!

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Odd Tuesdays


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SMB BooksFeel free to use the Odd Tuesdays show coupon for this or other book bundles on the
SMB Books storefront – Coupon code given in the episode!!



Systematic Success Breakdown

Online Conference


We at Small Biz Thoughts recently held our 3rd annual Online Conference and today’s Odd Tuesdays episode features snippets from some of the best keynotes this year.

The Systematic Success 2014 Conference featured 12 of the best business and technology speakers from North America and the UK in our ongoing pursuit to bring the best practices and tips for MSPs to your “online door”.


Rayanne Buchianico

We also welcome back Rayanne Buchianico in our Oddballs segment.

Rayanne offers tips on the Desktop Premier version of QuickBooks vs. the Online Essentials version.


Also announced in this episode is that Karl’s latest book is out!


Project Management

The Project Management in Small Business book, co-authored with Dana J Goulston, features project planning & management processes that are quick to learn and easy to teach to your assistants, fellow techs, and sub-contractors.

The book highlights the processes for dealing with spinoff work and is a true How-To on managing scope creep!



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Odd Tuesdays

The Profit Value of Working in Real Time

Manuel PalachukListen in to today’s episode where Karl speaks to MSP Coach Manuel Palachuk.  Manuel talks about the importance of everyone from management to admin working in real time in your managed service business. He encourages listeners to remain firm with staff in both training them in and holding them accountable to operating every day under such a system.

Manuel has just completed a 5-week course covering the specifics of how to implement working in real time. The Critical Habit for Success: Working in Real Time is a course offered in our MSP academic program over at greatlittleseminar.com.

The course has concluded, however, all course materials, handouts, and class recordings are accessible via – http://bit.ly/RealTimeTrack.

Rayanne Buchianico

Rayanne Buchianico joins us again in our Oddballs segment.

Rayanne offers more QuickBooks tips specific for managed service providers. Today she covers when and how to utilize account numbers.

Listeners are also reminded that they still qualify for the Odd Tuesdays’ discount code for The Ultimate 2014 Conference Bundle! Be sure to listen for the discount code!


Another highlight in today’s show is our first-ever Odd Tuesdays draw!

Odd Tuesdays listeners are being offered a Chance to Win a Free membership to Third Tier’s SMBKitchen’s ASP project. The ASP project includes a series of webinars and MSP educational tutorials from three Microsoft MVPs : Amy Babinchak, Susan Bradley, and Phil Elder. As Amy says of the project, “We’re all about providing practical information that we are actively implementing today in our businesses.”

Listen to the show below for details on how to enter the draw!!

Managed Services

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Odd Tuesdays


How business-grade Sync is Changing The Security and Remote Access Landscape

More geek talk & tech news in today’s 7th episode of Odd Tuesdays!


Our special guest is Ted Hulsy, VP of Marketing at eFolder.  Ted talks to Karl about sync and security for MSPs and VARs. Ted also notes a number of eFolder offerings that can make business clients happy. Ted extends a free-trial offer as well for listeners.


Rayanne Buchianico


Also on today’s episode, Rayanne Buchianico, from ABC Solutions and one of our resident Oddballs, continues her QuickBooks tips segment with today’s tips surrounding the variety of preferences you can take advantage of in making QuickBooks much more user friendly with daily entries.



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Odd Tuesdays


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HIPAA and HaaS

April Sage, Online TechApril Sage, from Online Tech, joins us to discuss HIPAA compliance – a topic our Odd Tuesdays audience has been asking more and more about (Follow Karl’s HIPAA Pinterest Board).

April encourages MSPs to embrace the notion of HIPAA compliance because trying to work against or get around the regulations can cause a lot of headaches. She says it is a good idea to become familiar with the Business Associates Agreement – a contract that outlines the accountabilities in the chain of trust and what the flow of responsibilities are. She notes that the Department of Human Services has a good example of what that agreement should look like (See link here).

Rayanne Buchianico joins us in her debut Oddballs segment. She discusses how to record Hardware as a Service (HaaS) in QuickBooks. She outlines four key points:

1) What to record right after you buy the equipment

2) How to set up the rental income accounts

3) How to track associated costs

4)  How to retire the item at the end of the lease term

Click below to hear March 4th’s show:

Odd Tuesdays

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Fear Not HIPAA

April Sage, Online TechApril Sage, from Online Tech, joins us on our March 4th episode. Online Tech is a company that provides a range of solutions with the focus on handling security and compliance safeguards that are required for sensitive data.

April will be giving advice on HIPAA compliance, something her company closely works with MSPs on understanding and avoiding governmental compliance repercussions.

Rayanne Buchianico

We will also be joined by Rayanne Buchianico in her debut Oddballs segment. Rayanne is the owner of ABC Solutions based in Florida. 

She provides complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT professionals in the US, particularly to those using Autotask and looking to integrate their accounting systems. 





Odd Tuesdays Launches in 2014

Join I.T. Author Karl Palachuk as he delves into what’s new in tech management & guides listeners on the best options for running their I.T. business. Podcast airs odd week Tuesdays and features a variety of Vendor & MSP consultant interviews and advice segments.

Karl’s first guests will include SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford and Sam Saab, Founder of Results Software.

Podcast Producer Monica Caraway will also introduce in the new year our Oddballs segments with regular contributors “Computer Wallah” Bob Nitrio, Harbor Computer Services President Amy Babinchak, and ABC Solutions Owner Rayanne Buchianico covering various aspects of running an MSP business.